Webshop Packages

Web shop packages for the mesonic WinLine business softwaren package

WinLine web b2c

This is the basic module that provides all functions for a typical web shop. An online customer can select products from product lists and put them in the shopping cart. An unlimited number of products can be listed in the web shop. When desired, an automatic order confirmation per email is sent to the customer. The online order is immediately transferred to order processing in WinLine and is available there for further processing. Data on first-time customers is first saved in a marketing database. The shop operator can check such orders before delivery to screen for incorrect deliveries. Returning customers that are saved in accounts receivable in accounting are applied with various automatic check procedures such as display of individual payment terms and delivery conditions, as well as customer discounts. This information is saved for each customer account and is automatically applied to online orders.

Selected functions of web b2c at a glance

WinLine web b2b

In addition to the basic functions in the WinLine b2c module, this module provides further information for each customer over the Internet. Information such as delivery status, or information on their own account. WinLine b2b provides optimal customer service with this comprehensive information system.

Selected functions in the web b2b at a glance

WinLine web b2a

The WinLine b2a solution gives you the possibility of integrating your sales reps and external sales force with your WinLine ERP installation over the Internet. Product and customer information in combination with order entry and processing provide a complete tool for any sales rep. Information on essential data such as prices, terms, inventory levels and customer turnover implement this capability. A sophisticated authorization system ensures that only customers belonging to authorized customer groups can be accessed. Orders entered by a sales rep are immediately transferred to the central office. Additional important information such as sales rep commission calculation are also provided with the WinLine b2a solution module.

Selected functions in the web b2a at a glance

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