Financial Accounting

Accounting in WinLine is comprised of the areas of financial accounting, cost accounting and asset management. Data coming from other areas of the ERP system, such as invoicing, inventory management, manufacturing and HR, are all collected and recorded for accounting purposes in the WinLine ACC1 module.


Master data such as general ledger account data, customer and vendor accounts, balance sheet position codes, and posting types provide the basic framework for your accounting activities.

Specialized entry windows dedicated to data entry of various kinds of posting transactions (sales invoices, purchase invoices, cash postings, etc.) provide a flexible and user-friendly data entry environment.

A full-scale collections management module allows you to transparently monitor open items based on various kinds of filtering criteria. Payment transactions are processed efficiently and cost-effectively, including output of payment data to many prevalent payment transaction data mediums.

WinLine accounting features a large collection of standard reports that fulfill practically any requirement, be it a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, open item list, managerial analysis report, or general and sub-ledger journal. The wide variety of reports open a transparent window on your finances and profitability, and assist you in monitoring fulfillment of planned target values.

Cost Accounting

WinLine cost accounting supplements your financial accounting with integrated cost accounting features that are tailored exactly to your daily business transactions. You can decide whether to use automated cost allocation method presets during posting, e.g. presets for cost center and cost objectives, or whether to simply allocate costs on-the-fly during entry of posting transactions. WinLine gives you the on-demand flexibility that you need. Take advantage of the cost accounting features in WinLine to obtain a true picture on your cost center effectiveness and cost objective profitability.


The following additional modules for the mesonic WinLine ACC1 module lets you configure and individualize your accounting software package by means of a modular approach, giving you exactly the functions your company needs.

Complete, integrated cost accounting module processing data from financial accounting, asset management, HR, inventory transactions and manufacturing. Costs are organized by cost objectives, cost types and cost centers.
What is the current cash position of your company? What are the expected income and expense figures in the coming weeks? What components contribute to the total income and expense figures? The liquidity analysis position reports on your current and future cash flow position, letting you prognosticate your future financing requirements.
You have an account that is both customer and vendor? Use this tool to offset open payable against receivable items when calculating payment transactions. Preset account rules with flexible option overrides let you decide on a case-by-case basis how and when the offsetting should take place, e.g., no items below a certain amount
Provisional financial statements. Financial statement (balance sheet, profit and loss statement) preparation in a test posting environment with provisional adjustment posting batches.
Multiple company posting environment with separate posting areas for each company. Enables management of separate sets of companyspecific accounting ledgers. Individual posting types and posting transaction records are managed according to a posting area.
Manage two independent budgets per account record or financial statement position and compare actual and budgeted values for the record to determine whether the account or financial statement position is on budget or requires adjustment measures.
Cash book reports (bank accounts, petty, cash) sorted by date and posting transaction number.
Management of open items and collections balances in foreign currency amounts. Unlimited number of currencies with up to six rates per currency can be set up in the system. Automated postings for currency rate gains and losses, as well as late payment interest calculation.
Synchronize master data across multiple entities (companies) in a corporate consolidation environment. You can enter and change data in the central (consolidation) company and synchronize it to the sub-companies and also report on master data and transactional values across the entire range of sub-companies.


Multidimensional finance and accounting reports: e.g., posting and tax amount totals per balance sheet position, account, and period (year, month, calendar week, day).


Comparison of full/partial/fixed costs by cost type, cost center, cost objectives, as well as cost units, with budgeted values comparison to current actual figures.


Multidimensional reports on all master data and transactions from the asset journal.

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