Additional Modules

Additional Modules for WinLine ACC1

A collection of further additional modules is available for use with the WinLine ACC1 module:

Offsetting customer/vendor accounts

This module is designed for those situations where you do business with a company both as a vendor and a customer. In this case you may want to reconcile the balance difference between payables and receivables - a process is performed at the click of a button with this module. Sometimes you may want to balance receivables against payables, but not payables against receivables, or just the opposite. At other times you may need to decide on a case-to-case basis. This is achieved by entering the offset account in one of the customer or vendor accounts, or both accounts. Payment transactions are then generated using balance offsetting depending on how you have configured the accounts.

Postings areas

Posting areas are used as an organizational help as an optional flag that can be attributed to posting records for filtering purposes in selected reports, e.g. ,the balance sheet. Using the BUKR module, you can set up various posting areas in one WinLine company that can then be used for doing accounting with several independent companies. Posting areas can be assigned as presets to specific posting types, or you can enter a posting area for a transaction on-the-fly during data entry. Posting areas are available as a selection filter in various reports in WinLine ACC1.

Provisional Financial statements

This tool provides you a platform for testing various "what-if" scenarios of potential combinations of postings, e.g., year-end adjustments, to see the effect in real-time on your balance sheet or account sheet. Once you have decided for an alternative, you can save the postings in a posting batch for later posting to the ledgers.

Electronic Payment Reconciliation

This supplemental module handles incoming electronic payment transactions on data mediums received from your bank. Discounts are automatically calculated based on the imported data, as well as reconciliation of open items

Account Budgets

This module lets you maintain up to two independent budgets for accounts and financial statement positions, with a comparison of actual and budgeted values to assist you in determining whether you are staying on budget or whether you need to make adjustments.

Cash Book

This module gives you reporting options for cash accounts based on date and posting journal numbers, as well as bank account reconciliation methods.

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