OLAP - All Inclusive

WinLine solutions for multidimensional OLAP reports – All Included

All OLAP data cubes are included in this package and in addition the following useful features:

Database Reports

Create data cubes containing data from different applications and companies. All master data from accounting, cost accounting and inventory management is also available for inclusion in the data cube report.

MS Excel data reports

Import data from Microsoft Excel to generate a WinLine OLAP data cube. The data cube can be output as a normal cube, standard MS Excel format, or an MS Excel pivot view.

Traffic light indicators

Set up value ranges for your reports and color-code the report, e.g., values in green = OK, values in red = not OK, making the data cube reports more intuitive and easier to read.

Combine columns

Join a group of columns in a report to one column. This lets you display values in the ZIP code and city columns, for example, in one joint column.

Multiple or individual selection

You can specify whether multiple selections are allowed in the data cube report, e.g., more than one product group, or whether only one selection is considered for the report, e.g. sales rep number 3 of 10.

Customized Design

Various elements in the data cube can be adjusted in layout and design, starting with simple changes like font and color, or hiding of entire value areas (e.g., turnover values). Each data cube display configuration can be saved as a data cube view, making the configuration available as such for later use, e.g., by other users. This lets you quickly switch in a data cube between a view showing sales turnover organized by customer category and product, and another view based on sales reps and product categories.

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