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Dedon Island Resort
On DEDON Island, you can indulge in the ultimate luxury: spending time outdoors with friends and family. We’ll help you create a perfect getaway, tailored to your every need, from cocktails to bespoke menus, surfing lessons to spa therapies.

DEDON Island is a truly sustainable paradise – a place to retreat and rejuvenate, so you can return to the world in a barefoot state of mind.

Nay Palad: modern artisanal accessories for all who wander. Created by Carolin Dekeyser. Guided by the desire to share treasures found on the road less travelled, we seek out artisans in order to collaborate on original designs that showcase their exceptional craft techniques. Carolin selects the sumptuous materials used in Nay Palad’s collections from vendors in tucked-away markets around the world. Worn in a hideaway cove or on the streets of Paris, Nay Palad’s effortlessly sophisticated collections capture the eclectic elegance of cultural nomads.

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