mesonic has been developing software for small to mid-sized companies in industry since 1978 and is one of the leading producers of ERP, CRM, and PPS solutions for mobile business applications. The mesonic WinLine programs are standard version products that can be used across a wide spectrum of businesses, with a comprehensive set of features and extensive capacity for integration. The programs can be easily and quickly customized to fit the needs of any user. The WinLine programs - available in 15 country versions - are fitted to the requirements and needs of small to mid-sized businesses. The modular structure of the software allows each customer to individualize the software, tailoring it exactly to company processes. The added capability of using WinLine on smart phones and tablets streamlines company process even further by removing the limitations of time and location connected with local network architectures.

40 Years Experience

65, 000 Installations World-Wide

51-100 No. of employees
mesonic in Mauerbach Österreich und Scheeßel Deutschland
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